Saturday, 11 September 2010

Me and my blog

Well, here goes nothing. Me. Blogging. Bizarre. I suppose it would be best to start by saying who I am and why I have started to blog.

Who am I? Well for now at least, this shall be, in part, a mystery. Anonymity provides a certain level of protection, not only for myself but also for those patients who I may end up blogging about. Anonymity also provides a level of freedom to open up without any fear of reprisals from management, colleagues, friends or anyone. Needless to say, all details of patients, colleagues and anyone else involved will be anatomised to protect confidentiality. So, to an extent, the blog will be works of fiction based loosely on fact.

However, to understand why I am blogging some sort of background into who I am may provide a frame of reference as to where I am coming from. I am a registered Paramedic working within a large NHS Ambulance trust. I have been with them for a while but only been a Paramedic for a little over a year. Before joining the trust I also had experience working in an A+E department for a number of years, something I am very thankful of to this day.

However, even with my background of working in the health care field of a good few years, I still feel very new. VERY new. I have been a Paramedic for a year but still feel like I am just out of my box, shiny and new and sent out to deal with anything and everything. A bit daunting to say the least.

And it is this feeling of newness that has prompted me to start this blog. I don't know if anyone will read it. I don't know if anyone will care about my ramblings. But it is a way for me to mull over those feelings inside me, to put down all thoughts thoughts that are rattling around my brain and to try and make sense of it all. Even if one other person reads any of my blog and thinks "thank God I am not the only one who feels totally out of their depth" then it will be worth it.

I don't expect this blog to be a "hit" like many others I read. I am not looking for stardom or to be thought of as a "hero" - If I were then I'd be in the wrong job to start with. But I do hope that writing things down, getting them on paper (well, on screen) will give me a better chance to reflect on what I do, and to try and become a better medic for it.

And so, with this brief intro into to who and why, I begin blogging. See ya around!


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